4 Ways to Protect Your Child From Dengue

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With the recent rise in dengue cases, it is no wonder that parents are concerned about their children contracting fever from mosquito bites. A study from the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates over 50 million cases of dengue worldwide each year with 3 billion people living in dengue endemic countries.

Compared to the same period last year, there was a 59% increase in the total number of dengue cases in Malaysia. In an effort to create more awareness among the public on this disease, Rakuten has surveyed consumers in collaboration with one of their most prominent pharmacy merchants, Caring pharmacy, with input from their pharmacist, Ms Lee Yean Ling.


My child has fever, is it dengue?

My child always has mosquito bites from school/daycare, how can I take precautions?

“These are the common questions asked by our customers. When we see customers with suspected symptoms of dengue, we will advise them to go to the hospital immediately for a further check-up as there is no specific treatment that a pharmacist can offer when the disease is contracted,” said Ms Lee who has 12 years of experience as a retail pharmacist. It has also been reported that dengue cases, which are often found mainly in urban area,s have now appeared in rural areas,making the disease a nationwide concern.


Add these 4 ways to protect your child from dengue to your to do list.

Since there is no specific treatment for dengue, prevention is always better than cure. These recommended products from various Rakuten merchants would be useful as preventive measures.


  1. Repellent: Protects against biting insects like mosquitoes. Brands like Mosi-Guard insect repellent provides an effective protection up to 10 hours after a single application. For babies and children, the 2-in-1 Repella- Herbal Insect Repellent & Moisturizing Cream is effective and harmless to the skin. If you are looking for a patch, the Meditots Mozzie Patch will be perfect as it is not only adorable with cute animal designs but also has up to 12 hours protection with no side effects, making it suitable for in-house use, travelling, camping, hiking and even trekking. Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelet fits your child’s hand easily with an extra soft grip and can last up to 168 hours.


  1. House hygiene: Keep your home uncluttered, and remove any stagnant water collections. Not only is open stagnant water illegal, but it’s a rife breeding ground for mosquitoes. If you must keep water, keep them in airtight containers.


  1. Extra home protection: The Mosquito Repellent Lamp and Mushroom LED Mosquito Repellent Lamp offers a hassle-free means of protecting your home from mosquitoes. Using an LED lamp, it attracts mosquitoes and kills them easily with no hazard to the household. It is safe to place anywhere in the house be it in the garden or in the rooms. For infants, the convenient Foldable Baby Mosquito Crib Net will protect your baby through the night while they sleep.


  1. Personal hygiene: Make sure your child’s hands and feet are washed regularly as odours draws mosquitoes. On that same note, clean your bedding and clothing and bathe frequently. 


Dengue Symptoms

Should you display any of these symptoms, it is best to get checked out by a medical practitioner as soon as possible, so you can get treatment as soon as possible should you have the disease:

  • Flu-like symptoms that lasts for 2-7 days
  • High fever with temperature of 40°C/ 104°F 4 to10 days after a mosquito bite
  • Symptoms such as headaches, pain behind the eyes, nausea/vomiting, swollen glands, joint, bone or muscle pains and rashes
  • Severe dengue symptoms such as bleeding gums, vomiting blood, rapid breathing, and fatigue/restlessness


With just a few simple changes to your everyday life, you can help protect yourself, your child and your family from dengue:



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