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We strongly believe that healthcare should be both personal and professional responsibility. We make it our mission to provide engaging and diversified coverage on government policies & programs in Malaysia and around the world, as well as the latest clinical studies & research findings, and of course, personal health. Our extensive reach includes doctors, healthcare professionals and the public.



What is InfoMed magazine?
InfoMed magazine was first published in 2012 and is Malaysia’s leading magazine for healthcare professionals and the medically conscious public. InfoMed includes news, reviews, essays, and columns by today’s forward-thinking doctors, scientists, and scientific journalists.

How many times a year is InfoMed published?
InfoMed is published 4 times a year and is distributed nationwide.

Where can I buy InfoMed magazine?
InfoMed magazine can be bought online from the InfoMed shop at infomed.com.my/subscribe. It can also be bought from all major bookshops. Click here for our full distribution list – http://infomed.com.my/magazines/distribution

How can I advertise in InfoMed magazine/online?
For advertising packages, prices and bookings please contact us at infomed.com/advertise or e-mail media@infomed.com.my

How much is InfoMed magazine? 
MYR 8.90

Is it cheaper to subscribe? 
Yes! It is cheaper to subscribe. You get the magazine delivered to your door-step for FREE (only within Malaysia).

Okay, sign me up! 
Visit infomed.com.my/subscribe for more information or e-mail subscribe@infomed.com.my

How much is it to subscribe to InfoMed magazine a year?
One (1) year, 4 print issues for MYR 35.60
Two (2) years, 8 print issues for MYR 71.20

Can I interact with you on social media?
Yes, we would love to talk to you! You can:

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