Female Reproductive System

Gynaecological Cancers in Malaysia

August 12, 2015 Dr. Chronicle 0

Breast cancer is the world’s most ‘famous’ cancer, receiving four times more funding than the top 2 killer cancers (lung cancer and colon cancer) despite both cumulatively killing 5 times more people. Thus, whenever the word “women” […]

single incision laparoscopic surgery

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery

July 30, 2015 Dr. Chronicle 0

What is Single incision Laparoscopic Surgery? Traditional laparoscopy requires 3 to 4 incisions ranging from 5 to 10 mm to perform the surgery. Single incision laparoscopic surgery is performed using a single incision of 20 to 25 […]


Dress code in Malaysian hospitals?

June 24, 2015 Dr. Chronicle 1

In Malaysia, there has been three strings of public furore over dress codes. So the question is, is there a dress code in Malaysian hospitals, with emphasis on public hospitals? The latest incident on June 16 […]

Vaccination Schedule Malaysia

Vaccination in Malaysia

June 14, 2015 Dr. Chronicle 0

Getting immunised is important to protect yourself and to protect those around you. Vaccination in Malaysia is scheduled by the Ministry of Health for the safety of the population. The Malaysian vaccination schedule for babies […]

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