BRAIN DETOX Practitioner Certification Course – 31 Aug & 1 Sept 2018

BRAIN DETOX Practitioner

Certification Course

Date: 31 August 2018 till 1 September 2018

Venue: Eastin Hotel Penang, Malaysia

Through this course, Dr. Bak Ki Jia will elaborate on certain brain health problems such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, chronic headache, insomnia, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, dyskinesia, autism and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). Within 60 days, you will be able to rebuild your brain and become healthy again by reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, optimizing bowel links and physical exercise.

Are you often troubled by anxiety, procrastination, lack of perseverance, depression, impulsiveness, transitional stubbornness or anger?

According to Dr Bak, a Korean brain health authority expert,

“This is not due to our personality, but because our brain is sick.”

To have a healthy body, we must first have a healthy brain. Dr Bak will train you to become an expert in brain health cell activation.

Let your brain,

  • Be comforted from being overworked, overwhelmed, disorganized and procrastination.

  • Even if the task gets challenging,

  • You will be energetic to cope with any obstacles.

  • Even if you are under high pressure,

  • You will be optimistic.

This course will relief you away from headache, insomnia, anxiety, depression, distraction, forgetfulness and other minor brain health symptoms.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Brain Chemistry
  • The key to a healthy brain: Nutrition
  • How environmental genetics affect the brain
  • Mental illnesses and malnutrition
  • How nutrients affect the production of neurotransmitters
  • The effects of inflammation, hormones, bowel movement and sleep on the brain
  • Improve mental disorders: Learning disabilities, ADHD, Attention deficits, Alzheimer’s disease…
  • The five key points for brain cell renewal and activation
  • Eight weeks of brain detoxification program: easy and rapid improvements of the brain

4 Channel EEG Device and Analysis:

  • Understanding the neurons and brainwave
  • Understanding the 4-Channel EEG NeuroSpec Device and its operation.
  • Through brain waves, these disorders could be detected: depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, ADD, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), learning disabilities, etc.

Date: 31 August 2018 till 1 September 2018

Venue: Eastin Hotel Penang, Malaysia

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