We’ll give you reasons on how you can break your current stress bubble — With a little bit of online shopping therapy
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The queer truth about stress is the fact that it is quite relatable. People can tell if you’re stressed out, in fact they know why. If you’re a working adult, this is all too familiar and people deal with stress differently. With hobbies like painting, music, to exercising and indulging in your favourite unhealthy snack, these are just some of many ways people deal with stress. Still, some if not most people pamper themselves with retail therapy.

Why online shopping? The accessibility to online shopping is so favourable because it’s mobile and you can do it from anywhere. With technology being more and more advanced you can shop from your pocket size mobile instead of going to a physical shop at a mall. Besides, with great online stores like Zalora and Lazada, what more can one ask for? Just browse through the first page and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

It is more effective

Replace shopping at malls with retail therapy online, it’s much better with online shopping. According to an article on Huffingtonpost, 91 percent Americans shop to deal with stress. Yes that’s right, as much as that is a huge number, people see an instant improvement in their moods with up to 40 times more effective and that they were 3 times less sad, according to a study done at the University of Michigan. So of course, it’s only common to suggest shopping or in other words online shopping as a great stress buster.

You’re spending time on yourself

During those times when you’re browsing through some garbs you’re imagining yourself in it. You’re visualising if you’d look good in that summer dress or maybe a new pair of jeans, and when you’ve decided, you already know how elegant you’re going to look in it. You’re subconsciously rewarding yourself with happy points. According to MedScape, an online health network, shopping (online) releases a hormone called dopamine, which makes you instantaneously happy because it’s an act of self reward by itself.

Discounts, discounts, discounts

Online stores like Zalora, Lazada, Cotton On, Asos and further, usually have discounts codes sales, and great offers online. You’d imagine when you’re stress the first thing you’d want to do is splurge, instead of getting even stressed out about your credit card bill later on, you’ll need to be savvy at the same time. Online stores are pretty equipped for savvy shoppers, and if you use discount codes from Saleduck for instance, we have daily deals to better your shopping experience.

Looking fresh

You know the saying “when you look good you feel good” buying a new outfit for yourself can only help elevate your self-image. You’ll notice it, people will notice it and that itself is pretty refreshing. Pamper yourself with a new look and combat stress by making sure you look like a million bucks.

To conclude this little read, what is a stress bubble? The literal meaning of a stress bubble is actually the plastic wraps with rows and rows of tiny air pockets you get in packages for items (usually fragile) in the packages to not break in case of turbulence. So metaphorically speaking people, who are experiencing it, are actually in their own cocoon (bubble) waiting to explode. Don’t be a receiver of stress, instead get some help if because suffering alone can only weighs you down even more. Hope some of these points strike your fancy with some online shopping!

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Govini Mayarathi Mayen (Maya)