A Helping Hand – #KitaJagaKitaMenang

May 30, 2020 The Editor 0

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, Malaysia’s marvellous frontliners have been working tirelessly, risking their lives to help flatten the curve. The global pandemic has certainly taken the world by storm, as we witness the continued […]


Male Infertility

February 3, 2020 The Editor 0

For men who want to start a family, infertility is a concern. What can be done to mitigate infertility, and what are the solutions available to improve the condition? By Dr Chester Lan, resident physician, […]

Female Reproductive System

Gynaecological Cancers in Malaysia

August 12, 2015 Dr. Chronicle 0

Breast cancer is the world’s most ‘famous’ cancer, receiving four times more funding than the top 2 killer cancers (lung cancer and colon cancer) despite both cumulatively killing 5 times more people. Thus, whenever the word “women” […]