Disgust reduces sexual arousal more than fear in women

look of disgust women

In what has been a interesting find, The University of Portsmouth’s Department of Psychology discovered that disgust reduces sexual arousal more than fear in women. In fact, compared to all other negative stimuli, disgust won out, severely reducing libido.

Dr. Diana Fleischman theorised that disgust acts as a shield, discouraging coupling to protect from possible infections as sex in its nature encourages mingling of body fluids and intimacy that is conducive for transfer of bacteria and disease.

The study consisted of 76 heterosexual women (aged 18 – 42) divided into four test groups. Methods of investigation included insertion of a probe into the vagina to measure blood flow, and self-reporting on how the stimuli made them feel. Stimuli for groups included produced-by-women-for-women erotic films, disgusting images (corpses, disease) and frightening images (fires, disasters). The stimuli were administered in different combination and orders.

The findings need more research, however a consistent finding throughout the history of similar studies have always found men to be less susceptible from disgust hampering their libido than women. Fleischman says this is predictable, as women stand to contract diseases from sex at a much higher rate than men.

In short? Men, if you disgust a woman, your chances of wooing her decrease dramatically!


Article sourced from Science Daily.