How to Increase Patient Satisfaction by Changing their Gowns

designer hospital gowns

The CEO of The Cleveland Clinic asked himself ‘how to increase patience satisfaction by changing their gowns‘ after receiving frequent complaints from patients who cited lack of modesty, feeling of being exposed and vulnerability as well as a feeling of disempowerment with the standard hospital gowns that are used worldwide.

Enlisting the help of fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg, the medical center settled on a functional, reversible gown with complete derriere coverage, with pockets and a softer fabric that kept patients warmed and looked good.

Patients responded immediately with praise, feeling more comfortable physically as well as emotionally. The project was part of a quality improvement service and was quickly adopted by the Henry Ford Healthy System institute.

They improved the functionality of the gowns by ensuring easy manufacturing, laundering, and higher reusability. Keeping in mind doctors and healthcare professionals, the opening and closings of the gowns were made as simple as possible, substituting velcro for simple fold-overs that took no time to undo.


Source: US News