InfoMed Interviews Jason Mraz – “I’m Going Back to the Earth”

The award-winning singer shares his philosophy for better health and living.

Jason Mraz, singer-songwriter and a two times Grammy Award winner (and two additional nominations), who has sold more than seven million albums is an avid social activist, philanthropist and environmentalist. He is also a determined healthy lifestyle practitioner committed to spreading his message on healthy living. Jason advocates planting your own produce and supports organic farming. Taking care of the soil is ultimately going to take care of us. As he sings, “I’m going back to the Earth”.

It was refreshing to interview an international celebrity who is using his popularity to promote healthy lifestyle and care for nature and the environment. We are certain that Jason’s message would claim wider awareness across the international community and especially among the younger generation which is a very important sector of the society that need to take serious interest and greater awareness on their health.

Jason Mraz is very passionate what he preaches on health and is the classic example to his fans. His optimism flows into his music and celebrated. Infomed is privileged to carry his story of love for life and we hope this would be a great motivating factor to get us all increasingly give more attention to our health, in particular on living a healthy lifestyle that incorporates, healthy food, exercise, positive attitude and love for our environment.

InfoMed’s interview with Jason Mraz…

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Photo Credit Jen Rosenstein

InfoMed1. In one of your interview you mentioned that you started the organic avocado farm accidentally? How did that happen?

Jason Mraz: It was kind of an accident. I just wanted to live out in nature. When I realized there were hundreds of avocado trees here, I thought, ‘I can keep this going.’

InfoMed2. You reach out thru your songs to millions around the world. Any future plan to inspire the youngsters to raise their awareness on healthy living?

Jason Mraz: Oh definitely. Most recently on this tour we’ve held gardening events at local schools in some of the cities we’ve played and through that have tried to inspire kids to not only go out and get their hands dirty, but to choose healthier food options and see just how rewarding it is to grow your own food.

InfoMed3. Since turning vegetarian, do you feel any contrast, health-wise?

Jason Mraz: Most specifically, as a singer, a vegan diet has made it easier to sing. Phlegm is a symptom of poor digestion, and I noticed as soon as I eliminated meat & cheese, which take a long time to digest, my nose and throat became clearer and stronger. Additionally, I was able to sustain energy and health overall thanks to the diet, which is necessary when you have 2 months of shows scheduled. I can’t afford to be sick or even sluggish. Whole foods help me maintain and sustain my health.

InfoMed4. Can you share your daily vegetarian routine?

Jason Mraz: Wake up. Scrape the tongue. Brush the teeth. Drink a large glass of water. Spin around clockwise 7, 14, or 21 times.

The clockwise spinning is the first exercise of the 5 Tibetan rites, a yoga & meditation routine I have begun my mornings with for years. Thru the years I’ve modified it to include other stretches between the exercises. It’s important to listen to your body, and my body usually wants to go back to sleep. Therefore I try to wake up head to toe while calming the mind before beginning the day. The 5 Tibetan Rites are easy to do and have profound effects. Look it up.

I start each day with a crazy Superfood Smoothie that most people refer to as, “The Green Sludge.”

InfoMed5. Your best veggie tip?

Jason Mraz: The best advice is the advice I ignored for years because it sounded cliche.
“Get 8 hours of sleep. Drink plenty of water. Exercise regularly and eat natural, organic foods.”

InfoMed6. You travel a lot abroad. How do you manage your veganism lifestyle ?

Jason Mraz: We once had a raw food chef on the road with us for a month who turned us on to making our own hummus and cheeses and a bunch of alternatives to dairy, bread, and sugar.

I travel with a very large knife and a Vita-Mix 4500 blender. I love my Vita-Mix blender. I also check a special flight case that holds all my [raw food] powders and mixtures.

InfoMed7. The benefits you have experienced after being a vegetarian?

Jason Mraz: Feeling stronger, fitter, healthier and more productive. I ride longer distances on my bike, can do more pull-ups than ever, and my brain seems to have a larger capacity for new projects, problem solving, songwriting, and fielding random questions. My health and strength make me a better performer and all that combined gives me more confidence to go out in the world and shine my light.

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Photo Credit Jen Rosenstein

InfoMed8. “Good food gets your creative juices flowing”. Can you vouch for this statement?

Jason Mraz: I spent years on tour eating only filler food and what it created was a more difficult version of me, i.e. it was hard to wake up, to express myself, to interact with people. And once I ate healthy food, I didn’t wanna go back , because why would I want to feel different?

InfoMed9. Your foundation supports medical recovery assistance. Can you elaborate on this?

Jason Mraz: Jason Mraz Foundation supports Life Rolls On which is dedicated to improving the quality of life of young people affected by spinal cord injury and utilizing action sports as a platform to inspire infinite possibilities despite paralysis.

InfoMed10. In one of your interviews you said that you are more of a qualitarian. Please elaborate?

Jason Mraz: I don’t eat anything with more than 3 ingredients. Being qualitarian means eating foods that really benefit not only your body but the environment as well.

InfoMed11. You are a naturalist caring for the environment which is a major threat to health. What are your future plans on environmental issues?

Jason Mraz: In Antarctica, you can see dramatically how things have changed for the planet. That’s a cause for concern. Rather than being an alarmist, I’d rather be an activist — plant food in my backyard, ride a bicycle, lobby for public transportation, bio-fuel and organic food, and use renewable energy.

I started a tree-planting project in hopes of not only offsetting the carbon footprint but also cooling the planet and helping various communities…I’m taking further steps to reduce energy consumption in my home, and am speaking out more often about reducing, reusing, recycling, refurbishing, reapplying, repairing — doing everything we can to live in delicate balance.

InfoMed12. Finally, a personal recipe of yours to be shared with InfoMed readers.

Jason Mraz: Chocomole is the easiest vegan dessert I can make on the road. You mash up a bunch of avocados until they become a pudding, then add dates, agave nectar, some coconut oil, and raw cacao. You mix that up, and suddenly you have a delicious chocolate mousse. I discovered that I could truly kick sugar when I started to satisfy my sweet tooth with raw desserts.


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