Mastering The Protocols For Optimization Of Hormone Replacement Therapy


In light of the ongoing and increased uncertainty, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing around the world, we at Accent Wellness are committed to ensuring the health and well-being of our participants. Due to global travel restrictions and the recent MCO, the team has decided to temporarily halt long haul travel plans for Dr Neal Rouzier. As such, we have decided to postpone the upcoming BHRT Part 1 seminar scheduled to take place on 24 -26 April 2020, to 3-5 July 2020.

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As a healthcare practitioner, have you ever struggled with patients who face a gradual, steady decline in their overall health?

Do any of your patients try to lose weight, eat right, exercise . . . but never seem to get results?

Do you have patients with out-of-control numbers – cholesterol, LDL, C-reactive protein, blood glucose, and hemoglobin A1C?

Are the therapies you’ve prescribed for those patients (for hyperlipidemia, pre-diabetes and diabetes, blood pressure) making them better or worse?

Are they really reducing their cardiac and metabolic risks?

Are they feeling as good as they ever have?

Are your female patients in menopause still suffering from hot flashes and night sweats? Are they sleeping soundly 8 hours a night? Are they free of paralyzing anxiety and hopeless depression?

Are your male patients experiencing low energy, muscle loss, and sexual dysfunction?

Part I of IV: HRT Seminar Series

3rd to 5th July 2020

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This seminar is a workshop utilizing a case study approach designed to help physicians and practitioners successfully, and knowledgeably treat their age management patients. This intense 2½ -day mini-residency teaches everything you should know about hormones and the various types of hormones (both good and bad). You’ll get the real nuts and bolts needed to prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which ones to use and which ones to avoid, how much, when and why. You’ll learn about monitoring and adjusting HRT through case presentations, literature reviews, and open discussions.  Emphasis is placed on understanding the difference between normal and optimal levels of hormones based on our medical studies.

The Part One Course involves a scientific literature review of HRT, case presentations, and case management requiring audience participation. The first day analyses medical studies as they pertain to optimizing hormones for both men and women, why we do what we do, the benefits of HRT, and the literature support for optimisation of hormone levels as opposed to simple replacement. Day two involves an extensive review of 100 cases that involve laboratory evaluation, then diagnosing, prescribing, adjusting, trouble-shooting, and discussing hormone therapies for different scenarios for both men and women. We then review the various dosing regimens, side effects, precautions, complications, and tricks of the trade. Your practice of hormone replacement therapy will be based on peer-reviewed medical research and a wealth of clinical experience. This course is the most comprehensive teaching on this subject, designed to give you practical information and skills that you can use on a daily basis. The curriculum is an evidence-based program on preventive medicine designed to enhance your diagnostic and prescribing skills when optimizing hormones for both men and women.


Although most practitioners are fully aware of the need to replace hormones in cases of sub-normal hormone levels, most have not been trained to optimize hormone levels if the baseline hormone level is normal.  Many attendees frequently inquire why a patient is treated with various hormones when the baseline lab test indicates “normal.”  Just as confusing is the realization that the medical literature supports that normal is simply not optimal.  A multitude of studies support optimization of all hormones regardless of the baseline levels, both for maintenance of the quality of life and for future health benefits.  In addition, the medical literature demonstrates that optimization of hormones results in relief of symptoms, improvement in well-being, and a decrease in morbidity and mortality by attaining levels in the upper range of normal.  It is imperative that practitioners understand both the need and benefit of optimization, what levels are considered to be optimal, and have command of the literature that supports it.  One important aspect of this course is the extensive review of the medical literature that provides the credence and support as to why we optimize with certain hormones as well as avoid the use of non-isomolecular hormones. Remember that normal is definitely not optimal when it comes to hormone replacement, and this applies to both men and women.

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This is the most popular course taught on BHRT, designed to give you information and skills required to best prepare you to know everything you will need to know to start Monday morning.  It will forever change your practice and the lives of your patients.  The curriculum is an evidence-based program on preventive medicine designed to enhance all you need to know to start BHRT as well as prescription forms, consents, and HRT booklets to educate patients on the importance of hormone replacement. The curriculum features an evidence-based approach to preventive medicine designed to enhance your diagnostic and prescribing skills when optimizing hormones for both men and women.

This event is in association with Worldlink Medical USA (The Academy for Preventive and Innovative Medicine) and supported by the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA).

Contact Accent Wellness at 603-5639-1400 from 9.00 am-5.00 pm (Mon-Fri only) or email to  (For online registration, go to

Featuring world-renowned expert and successful author, Neal Rouzier, M.D. (USA)

Dr. Neal Rouzier is a pioneer in the bio identical hormone replacement field, practicing almost since its inception in the early 1990’s. He has dedicated his life’s work to uncovering the medical literature that supports safe and effective protocols for unique and personalized patient care. He is the Director of the Preventive Medicine Clinics of the Desert, specializing in the medical management of aging and preventive care for men and women. He has treated more than 2,000 patients with natural hormone replacement therapy and is recognized as a renowned leader and expert in the field. Additionally, Dr. Rouzier is the author of Natural Hormone Replacement for Men and Women: How to Achieve Healthy Aging. He has over 22 years of experience as an educator and practicing physician, and 29 years of Emergency Medicine experience at Queen of the Valley Hospital in West Covina, CA.

Your Premium Compounding Solution

Accent Wellness Compounding Pharmacy was founded based on the belief that no two individuals are alike; that each individual’s body and health is different and thus should be treated accordingly instead of going through trial and error. Our founder came to realize that one size did not fit all in the healthcare industry and desired to offer beyond what was commercially available – individually customized medication and supplements. This means our products are freshly made-to-order here in our lab just for you and only you, in whatever form and dosage that would be optimal for you.

Apart from specializing in personalized products, Accent Wellness also synergistically provides education to physicians to guide them on optimizing their patients’ health and wellness. Our customer service is available to both practitioners and customers at every step of the journey to ensure it is smooth and fuss-free.

Accent Wellness is the only member of the Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia (PCCA) domiciled in Malaysia. With our network of experienced practitioners and access to an extensive database of proprietary formulas, we are poised to provide unique solutions for some of the most complex health problems physicians and patients face today. We work closely in a triad – with the doctor – with the patient – to meet their individual needs and pursue a holistic outcome that benefits all parties.

Advisory:  The concepts and practice taught are evidence-based (we follow the guidelines from the medical studies that prove efficacy) in contrast to what is taught by some groups whose approach is not evidence-based (no justifiable scientific reason for what they are teaching and that which is often contrary to evidence-based medicine).