Medical Researches to have access to millions of users data via Apple’s Researchkit

Apple Researchkit

It’s the dream of every researcher, where the n-sample reaches into millions, with clear accuracy. That dream will soon be a reality, thanks to Apple’s ResearchKit, an open source software framework that can be used by research and developers to create apps for all things medicine and healthcare.


At it’s launch today, Apple rolled out apps for asthma, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, breast cancer and cardiovascular disease.

 Hundreds of millions of people around the world have an iPhone in their pocket. Each one is equipped with powerful processors and advanced sensors that can track movement, take measurements, and record information — functions that are perfect for medical studies. The sheer number of them being used across the globe opens up new possibilities for researchers. With ResearchKit, researchers can easily create apps that take advantage of iPhone features to gather new types of data on a scale never available before. – Apple


The possibilities are endless, with the amount of data, the more people contributing their data (data contribution is an opt-in feature) the better the representation of results across the population. The accessibility to global data in one platform will have untold potential for the kind of medical research that can be done.

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To learn more, click here to read at Apple’s site.

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