Shortage of vaccines in Malaysia for children

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There has been a shortage of vaccines in Malaysia for children, as well as drugs in private hospitals in the country, says Dato’ Dr. Jacob Thomas. He said this while addressing a 770 strong crowd during the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia (APHM) International Healthcare Conference and Exhibition in KLCC on the 15th – 17th June 2015.

Private hospitals are facing a shortage of drugs and vaccines for children.
Dato’ Dr. Jacob Thomas, President of APHM

This is due to a global shortage in vaccines, caused primarily by a shortage in several active ingredients. The BCG vaccine, which is administered tuberculosis (TB) is also at a global shortage, due to supplier issues, and is worrying governments around the world as the number of infectious disease outbreaks increases in the Middle East, South Korea, Australia and Niger.

Malaysia practices mandatory vaccination for children under 15 via the public school system. This is part of its Ministry of Health’s initiative to curb diseases and infections in the country, and has been in effect for the last 20 years. Read more about the Importance of Vaccination and the Vaccination Schedule as directed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

However, there is no cause for panic or worry at this point of time regardless of the shortage in vaccination, as the collective herd immunity that protects the small majority of people who cannot be vaccinated due to age, pregnancy or illness. Furthermore, the global pharmaceutical industry is said to be in the process of catering to the demand in vaccinations around the world and while there is a wait, public hospitals in Malaysia are still able to cover the health of Malaysians in need.

*InfoMed was a media partner for APHM 2015.

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