Taiwan and Malaysia, A Successful Medical Exchange Amidst the Pandemic

Kuala Lumpur, Nov 19, 2020: The pandemic has made a huge economic impact around the world. However, it has strengthened the international medical exchange between countries to combat this virus.

With that, the Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) held the “Taiwan and Malaysia, Joining Hands in Bringing Greater Health to Life” online panel discussion today to encourage networking between Taiwan’s and Malaysia’s healthcare community. The virtual event focused on 2 main themes, “Medical Service” and “Smart Medical”, attracted over 100 Malaysian medical professionals and related practitioners.

From left to right: 1. Lin Chen-Yu/ Manager of Cheng Hsin General Hospital ( 振興林辰瑜經理), 2. Dr. Chang I-Jing/ Director of Aesthetic Medical Center, Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH) ( 北醫張宜菁主任), 3. Ms Julia Chang/ Sales Manager of TaiHao Medical Inc ( 太豪張淑萍經理), 4. Dr. Harriet Shen/ Ph.D, Director of International Medical Center, Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital ( 大林慈濟申斯靜主任), 5. Mr Beren Hsieh/ Business Development Manager of imedtac Co., Ltd. ( 慧誠謝秉融經理), 6. Dr. Nina Kao/ CEO of Overseas Medical Mission Center, Changhua Christian Hospital ( 彰基高小玲執行長), 7. Ms Eva Chen / Secretary of International Medical Center, National Cheng Kuang University Hospital (NCKUH) ( 成大陳曉嵐秘書), 8.  Vanessa S. C. Chang/ Executive Director of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) ( 貿協張曉茜主任), 9. Dr. Jacob Feng/ Vice Superintendent of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou ( 長庚馮思中副院長), 10. Ms. Babs Chang/ Deputy Executive Director of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) ( 貿協張雅嬋副主任), 11. Prof. Fang Hsu-Wei / Founder of Biotegy Corporation Ltd. ( 方策方旭偉博士 )

Attending the event from across the ocean was Mr Yong Tuan Heng, president of Malaysian Medical Devices Association (MMDA). In his speech, Mr Yong noted that Malaysia, like the rest of the world, has suffered a huge economic impact due to pandemic. He applauded TAITRA for their efforts in connecting Malaysian and Taiwanese industry players virtually, providing them with a platform to share the latest medical technology and smart healthcare with each other. He hoped that this mutual collaboration would lead to a brighter future for all.

Ms Babs Chang, Deputy Director of TAITRA, mentioned that the global healthcare market is estimated to hit US$1.4 trillion by 2023. She reiterated that the pandemic has placed greater emphasis and urgency on healthcare, and businesses should be a step ahead to grab the opportunity in the medical industry.

During the event, 6 prominent hospitals and 3 advanced smart healthcare companies come together to share the latest disease treatment technology and smart medical technology:

  • Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, one of the world’s largest medical systems and the first hospital to establish a proton therapy center in Southeast Asia. Vice Superintendent Dr. Jacob Feng welcomed exchanges with Malaysia in various aspects of medical and health science.
  • Cheng Hsin General Hospital, well-known for its heart transplant operations. Superintendent Dr Wei said that, he had successfully completed heart transplantation as early as 1988, and he has also assisted Vietnam in their first successful heart transplant operation. In addition, Taiwan’s survival rate of catheterized heart valve replacement TAVR surgery is the highest worldwide, up to 98%. Dr Wei also mentioned that he has hopes that they can work together with Malaysia on technologies such as cardiovascular heart transplantation in the future.
Superintendent of Cheng Hsin General Hospital Dr Jeng Wei introduced their well-known heart transplant operations
  • Changhua Christian Hospital, known for its high success rate of up to 50% in reproductive medicine. CEO Dr Nina Kao introduced how Changhua Christian Hospital utilize IT smart operation systems to turn themselves into Taiwan’s first smart hospital. With that, she hopes to work together to establish smart healthcare in Malaysia.
  • Buddist Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital, known for their love and care, always providing for people in need. Director Harriet Shen talked about how the hospital uses immunotherapy for vitiligo and how they use medical technology like mobile 3D C-arm digital flat panel X-ray machines for surgical treatments.
  • National Cheng Kung University Hospital, the largest medical center in southern Taiwan that can perform various organ transplants. Representative Eva Chen stated that the hospital has long-term cooperation programs with medical institutes around the world, and they also welcome medical and health collaborations with relevant companies in Malaysia.
  • Taipei Medical University, a professional medical university and hospital that is JCI-Accredited. Director Chang emphasized that the medical university serves up to ten thousand of international patients every year. This time, she recommended Taiwan as a premier hub for medical aesthetic services.
  • Imedtac, a specialist in smart medical and smart hospital applications. Manager Beren Hsieh shared on imedtac’s smart hospital systems, like fall prevention solution, vital sign solutions, smart counter registration and more, all of these smart technologies aim to optimize and improve efficiency.
  • Biotegy Corporation, a professional in minimally invasive surgery and an expert in the research and development of high-end medical equipment. Founder Professor Fang mentioned that Biotegy specializes in the rapid development of high-end new innovative products, and can work with Malaysian companies to develop new business models and improve market competitiveness.
  • TaiHao Medical, committed to becoming a provider of world-class medical image processing equipment solutions and products. Manager Julia Chang introduced the advanced diagnostic system developed by Taihao, hoping to assist doctors in early detection of tumor so that early treatment can be done.

During the webinar, Malaysian industry players also put forward discussions on topics such as proton therapy for cancer, the experience of receiving medical treatment in Taiwan during the pandemic, and potential cooperation in the development of a smart medical system. TAITRA have also assisted in the arrangement of post-event business matching sessions for interested parties.

Ms Babs Chang also stated that, TAITRA has been promoting Taiwan’s international trade and health industry for a long time, and have continued to do so through various online activities and platforms to connect Taiwan to the world. This event aims to promote joint opportunities between medical practitioners of both places to provide better disease treatment and healthcare solutions, especially now amidst the pandemic. This is the best opportunity for Taiwan and Malaysia to join hands to develop business opportunities in the healthcare industry.

To watch the full video, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BlW0Pct_jw&feature=youtu.be At the same time, you can also visit the Health Care Pavilion during Taiwan Expo in Malaysia Online from November 25-27 to discover more information about Taiwan’s medical industry.

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