Do you have these Top 5 Medications to have at Home?

first aid kit at home

Most Malaysians don’t have much first aid in their homes past a couple of band aids (plasters) and a paracetamol or two. A well equipped home should have more than just that. Do you have these Top 5 Medications to have at home?

Remember that this list serves only as a reminder and general guide. Your household may require a more specialized stock once allergies, age and medical conditions are taken into consideration. Children, pregnant women and people on long term medication for chronic illnesses should not take any kinds of medications without first consulting their physicians.


Top 5 Medicines to Keep at Home

1. Pain Killers & Fever

Generic Names: Aspirin, Acetaminophen, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen

Side-Effects: Stomach irritation. Thinning of blood. Skin rash.

Warning: Do not consume with alcohol. Do not consume with anticlotting drugs. People who are allergic to salicyaltes should not consume. Frequent consumption can lead to liver and kidney failure.


2. Allergies

Most allergy drugs work to reduce the effects of allergies, not to cure the allergy itself. Usual symptoms are running nose, itchy eyes and throat.

Generic Names: Antihistamines, Pseudoephedrine, Loratadine, Diphenhydramine, Chlorpheniramine, Clemastine

Side-Effects: Drowsiness.

Warning: Do not consume with alcohol. Do not operate heavy machinery.


3. Indigestion

Overindulging, eating too fast, eating spicy foods, or trigger foods for those with irrititable bowel syndrome or lactose intolerance can cause  indigestion and bowel problems

Generic Names: Bismuth subsalicylate, Magnesium hydroxide, Aluminium hydroxide, Calcium carbonate, Alginic Acid.

Side-Effects: Some may act as laxatives.

Warning: Take note of dosage. If you encounter bloody stools, especially dark red bloody stools, see your doctor immediately.


4. Antiseptic

Little cuts and bruises, as well as the odd splinter or two are part of life. As long as it’s not a head fall (in which case, get to an ER), little scrapes can be treated at home by cleaning the wound with antiseptic.

Generic Names: Iodine, Hydrogen peroxide, Ethanol, Isopropanol, Boric acid.

Side-Effects: Dry skin, stinging sensation.

Warning: Becareful of method, read bottles and do not pour directly onto open wounds. Keep away from eyes and from inhaling fumes.


5. Miscellaneous

There are some consumables and tools that should be in all first aid kits or cabinets. Always keep a pair of sharp dedicated scissors, a pair of steel tweezers (easier to disinfect), band aids, gauze, cotton pads/buds, a bandage and smelling salts. A digital thermometer, blood glucose monitor and blood pressure monitor are good accessories if you can afford it.


Keeping stock of the top 5 medications to have at home above will ensure your preparedness in the event of any mini-disasters but remember to check your stock yearly to remove any broken packages, and expired medications. Remember also that any digital machinery must be recalibrated annually, especially in the case of blood pressure medications.



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