UK Asia Pacific Virtual Digital Health Mission

South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan – 24 September 2020 onwards

Ten of the World’s most innovative digital health companies will be virtually visiting Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan.

The companies and their representatives who would be presenting their products and services are:

Life Box


LifeBox Health transforms the surgical pathways within hospitals using digital technology. Provides a complete end to end journey for the patient and hospital.

The portal allows hospital staff to have video or audio consultations with patients. Patients and hospitals can exchange key information- written, picture or video before, during or after the consultation. The app allows remote health assessment of patients prior to procedures together with video education. Overall reduces costs for hospitals, improves quality of assessment and has high patient satisfaction.


Royston Adamson Green

NextGate for 15 years has enabled accurate data exchange and enterprise integration, sharing information on the same patient or provider, critical for today’s customer expectations and business efficiency. The award winning EMPI and Provider Registry help you view a person’s experience across all touch points and create a comprehensive patient record and a care team mapping. Reduce duplicate records, trace a patient’s contacts, simplify registration and billing with an accurate understanding of the patient and care givers encounters with each other. Many global organizations have solved patient matching challenges with the industry leading EMPI from NextGate.


Hui-chi Yeh

TPP is a digital health company, its EHR product, SystmOne, is used by over 7,000 NHS organisations in over 25 different care settings. This includes significant deployments in Acute Hospitals, Emergency Departments, Mental Health services, Social Care services and General Practice. In recent years, TPP has increased its international presence, with live deployments in China, the Caribbean and across the Middle East.

By operating a centralised database of over 50 million unique EMRs/EHRs, TPP has become a leader in healthcare research and big data analytics. Have supported numerous high profile academic studies and are working on machine learning algorithms to implement back into our clinical systems.”

Diabetes Digital Media

Arjun Pansear

DDM provides scalable, evidence-based, and clinically proven digital health technologies to over 1.8 million people in 6 languages. It provides localised behaviour change platforms to patients in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Mauritius, and most recently India in partnership with Samsung. 

DDM’s peer-reviewed architecture demonstrates significant patient health and economic benefits. Outcomes of DDM’s Gro Health platform include weight loss, up-to 70% reduction in prescribed medication, type 2 diabetes remission, and improvements in stress, anxiety and depression.

Concentric Health

Daffyd Loughran

Concentric Health mission is to transform how decisions are made about our health. Is a digital consent and shared decision making application which transforms the paper process of giving consent for treatment.

Concentric is used across leading UK healthcare institutions such as Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Trust and is seen as a key element in organisational COVID recovery, reducing medico-legal risk, and delivering excellence in patient experience.


Lukasz Rzeczkowski

Trustedoctor is an end-to-end virtual care platform and the global network of leading doctors/hospitals in specialized healthcare. The platform and the network offered as a digitized virtual care service simplifies access to specialized healthcare around the world for patients, policyholders or employees in chronic conditions including cancer and cardiology. The services include video second opinions and virtual consultations with live-imaging as well as other customizable products addressing the healthcare navigation needs for complex, chronic or life-threatening conditions. 


Simon Abrams

Formed in 1977 to publish medicines information on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry. In 1999 launched emc (electronic medicines compendium) which has become the UK’s most comprehensive, trusted and accessible source of information about medicines. Uses the best digital platforms to improve the accessibility and usefulness of medicines information to its rapidly growing audience of over 70 million visitors per year.  Delivers up-to-date, accurate and reliable medical information.


Discoveries unimaginable a generation ago are uncovered every day. Elsevier recognizes the potential for scientists and clinicians to find new answers, reshape human knowledge and tackle the most urgent global crises.

By making analysis easier for everyone working in science and medicine, Elsevier enables them to manage their work more efficiently and spend more time making breakthroughs. Elsevier is evolving, growing from its roots in publishing, and creating analytical solutions to serve the needs of science and health.


Richard Jones

C2-Ai provides globally unique Ai-backed systems that help hospitals to demonstrably reduce avoidable harm, mortality, and clinical variation.  This is done while generating significant savings on operating expenditure (potentially USD millions per hospital) and reducing complaints/clinical negligence claims by up to 10%.

C2-Ai has the world’s only, accurate, risk-adjusted picture of hospital performance in managing COVID patients as well as helping key avoidable conditions acquired in hospital that block beds needed during the pandemix. Also, can triage the non-urgent surgical waiting list, providing the objective priority scoring demanded by the CDC with its COMPASS system that assesses individualised risk of mortality and complications based on operative type and patient physiology.

Spirit Health

Su Konganda

Spirit has 25 years of technology pedigree and over a decade of experience delivering sustainable technology solutions and services across the health and care continuum. Our medicines optimisation programmes, high quality primary care provision, market-leading digital health services and healthcare pathway services have all received high acclaim.

Sprit provides CliniTouch Vie, an enhanced remote patient monitoring system. It offers advanced warning of potential condition deterioration alongside pre-emptive intervention data and real time location-based satellite air quality data. This means that the combined technology and service provision can improve the outcomes of patients with chronic conditions e.g. Diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Heart failure, etc. and provides value on specific interventions for managing their conditions safely at home.

We welcome you to attend the main pitching webinar on the 24th September bringing together these UK companies with partners from the public and private sector in the region. Additionally, between 25th September to 9th October, we can organise B2B one to one meetings with you and these ten companies.

Event Details

Date: 24 September onwards

Key events:

  • 24 September: Pitching event 09.00 BST United Kingdom, 16.00 MYT Malaysia, 16:00 CST Taiwan, 17.00 KST Korea
  • 25 September onwards: B2Bs Upon request
  • Location: Webinar virtual

Audience: Companies, investors and government departments across South Korea, Malaysia, and Taiwan