Vaccination in Malaysia

Vaccination Schedule Malaysia

Getting immunised is important to protect yourself and to protect those around you. Vaccination in Malaysia is scheduled by the Ministry of Health for the safety of the population. The Malaysian vaccination schedule for babies is provided as a guideline for parents and physicians to follow.

As not everyone is able to get vaccinated (pregnant women, immunocompromised individuals, infants) having the majority of the population vaccinated against a disease lends protection to the unvaccinated in what is called herd immunity. In order to prevent major disease outbreak, it is thus vital for governments and individuals to ensure the community is vaccinated against otherwise fatal diseases. There are no proven or validated studies or correlations to vaccines causing chronic illness or autism, and Malaysia has mandatory vaccine programs administered to children under 15 in public schools.

Below is the vaccination schedule for Malaysian children but do take a look at the CDC’s data on how vaccinations have decreased reported cases of 15 of these diseases.

CDC vaccine stats
Centre for Disease Control, USA, 2011



Vaccination Schedule by the Ministry of Health Malaysia

Newborn Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG)
1st dose: Hepatitis B (HepB)
1 month 2nd dose: Hepatitis B
2 months 1st dose:
– Diptheria, Tetanus, accellular Pertussis (DTaP)
– Haemophilus influenzae b (Hib)
– Inactivated Poliovirus (IPV)
3 months 2nd dose:
– DTaP
– Hib
5 months 3rd dose:
– Hib
6 months 3rd dose: Hepatitis B
Measles (Sabah only)
10 months 1st Dose: Japanese Encephalitis (JE) (Sarawak only)
12 months 1st dose: Mumps, Measles, Rubella (MMR)
2nd dose: Japanese Encephalitis (Sarawak only)
18 months 4th dose:
– Hib
3rd dose: JE (Sarawak only)
4 years old 4th dose: JE (Sarawak only)
7 years old – BCG (option only if no scar found)
– Diptheria, Tetanus  (DT booster)
– 2nd dose of MMR
13 years old Human papillomavirus (HPV) with 3 doses within 6 months
(2nd dose 1 month after 1st dose, 3rd dose 6 months after 1st dose)
15 years old Tetanus (TT)

Source: Immunization Schedule from Ministry of Health Malaysia


Optional Vaccines in Malaysia

Most paediatricians will recommend additional or optional vaccinations in addition to the ones mandated by the Ministry of Health. You can choose to administer them to your children, based on your doctor’s advice.

  • > 6 WEEKS : Rotavirus
  • > 2 MONTHS : Pneumococcal
  • > 6 MONTHS : Influenza
  • > 10 MONTHS : Hepatitis A
  • > 12 MONTHS :Chicken pox


How do vaccines work?

Vaccines work by introducing a weakened or dead form of infection, known as the antigen. In some vaccines, the antibody (the product of the immune system which helps the body fights antigen) is introduced. The introduction of the vaccine allows the body to create antibodies against a particular type of antigen / infection, which means upon actual exposure to the antigen, the body is able to fight the infection quickly and without succumbing to the illness.

Source: M. Klingensmith, 2014


You are protected from certain diseases for the first year after birth (thanks to your mother), which then fades away. Before vaccines, children used to die from diseases like whooping cough, polio and measles – all are greatly reduced to almost the point of zero in today’s developed world.
InfoMed advocates timely vaccination practice to keep your kids healthy and safe.